So you know what you want?… First, try to Recognize yourself

So here’s the thing… we think we know what we want right? Well, if we don’t know who we are then we don’t know what we want… or even worse, we are unable to know what we NEED.

We suppose to know who we are around high school, when we are teenagers… between 12 and 17… that’s the theory right? Because then when we are about to make big decisions such as what carrier to choose we suppose to know what we want in life right? Well how can we know what we want if we don’t WHO we are? Or even worse… what we NEED???

We are used to a system that tells us what to do and when to do it regardless if we are ready or not, but that doesn’t matter at all… we can study 1, 2, 3 careers and a bunch of Master Degrees, travel the world, have multiple couples, be here and there… and guess what? That won’t tell us what we want, are and need.

We need to look deep into our heart, mind and soul, start FIRST by knowing yourself, by RECOGNIZING yourself and really understand what we need and guess what? Then what we “want” is irrelevant because that is our Ego talking.

But then you will ask: how the f!:#;-@! can I do that? Well, is very easy… try first by identifying what you think you are NOT and what you DON’T need in your life then everything will start making sense.

Here’s a quote I came up with today:

Recognize yourself!!! That is the starting point!!! And you know what? Is never too late… I’m saying this by my own experience.

Be conscious…

Be mindful…

Be your TRUE SELF…


Our Ego… can we talk about it?

Today, I had the stupidest fight ever just because my ego…

Have you ever been so egocentric that after a fight or discussion you end up feel really stupid? Well… Congratulations! You have recognized (although very late…) that you let your ego manage you.

I was so “right” I said to myself…. but guess what? I WAS SOOO WRONG!

It is important to recognize when we did wrong, but it does not end up there… we need to go deep… to dig deeper… and once you think you got it then you need to think again.

Is not easy to understand this… and more when you have wounds from the past.

Practicing #mindfulness and being honest to ourselves help TONS to deal with this.

I invite you all to be more conscious, see your actions… are you acting from your ego? Or are you being mindful?

Take care… chill out…

– SWL –

Mindfulness… is not meditation

If you think being Mindful is being in meditation then you got it all wrong!

Meditation is only a TOOL for you to recognize yourself, to be present, to identify what you are thinking and feeling

Yes, meditation will help you but is not the only way, by identifying how we feel and think about external factors: comments from people, situations, discussions, anything around you. How you React w/o judging is the most important part.

Be mindful…

Be conscious…


– SWL –

Si crees que estar “Mindful” es estar meditando entonces lo entendiste todo mal!

La meditación es solo una HERRAMIENTA para reconocerte, para estar presente, para identificar qué estás pensando y sintiendo

Si… la meditación te va a ayudar pero eso no es el único camino sino identificando como te sientes y que piensas de los factores externos: comentarios de gente, situaciones, discusiones, todo a tu alrededor.

Cómo reaccionas SIN juzgar es lo más importante de todo.

Se mindful…

Se consciente…


– SWL –